Five Arrested In Simultaneous Drug Raids In Kahaluu

Rudy Puana
Rudy Puana

KAHALUU (KHNL) -- Five people were arrested during simultaneous drug raids at two homes in Kahaluu Thursday.

Neighbors say one suspect is a well-known contractor in the area, and another is a Honolulu Academy of Arts employee.

"What you doing? The (inaudible) stay right there!" a woman yelled from inside a house on Iuiu Street.

The yelling we hear as we stand in front of a suspected drug house is something neighbors say they're used to.

"They had numerous fights there and loud noises and everything," Rudy Puana, neighbor, said. "You know, the neighborhood is pretty fed up with this."

To his delight, police stormed in at about 6 am Thursday.

"Like about 30 strong maybe," Puana described the police presence. "You know, and they surrounded the house."

Neighbors say it's like a convenience store for crystal methamphetamine users.

"Everyday, there would be at least 20 cars here," Puana said. "I mean, just come, stop, and go."

At the same time, officers raided a home just around the corner on Mawaena Street. Investigators say they found more than 100 marijuana plants on the property.

"They've been my neighbors for 15 years," Jan Estioko, neighbor, said. "And I, I felt kind of haunted all morning worrying about them because I don't know how long they have to stay in jail."

Police arrested Honolulu Academy of Arts employee Martha German and her husband, contractor Wayne German, on suspicion of promoting marijuana and on firearms violations.

"I never saw any signs of drug trafficking or anything," Estioko said. "So I'm very surprised."

Rudy Puana isn't surprised three people were arrested at the Iuiu Street home. Having lived on the street since 1975, he longs for the way things were.

"Aww, this was such a peaceful neighborhood," he said.

The Academy of Arts declined comment on Martha German's arrest.

Charges are pending.