Food Bank Needs Donations

Dick Grimm
Dick Grimm

HONOLULU (KHNL) -- Right now the Hawaii Food Bank only has a two week food supply in stock.

With so many companies going out of business, many families are now relying on assistance from the Food Bank.

Saturday is the food bank's annual food drive. But they need more than canned goods like soup and cereal , they need cash. The Hawaii Food Bank needs your help in filling these empty shelves. "It's getting more and more important, the cost of food has gone up just unbelievably as you know. We have to buy protein because it's the most difficult part of the food triangle to get and the most expensive", says President Dick Grimm.

A container of canned meals and beef costs 45 thousand dollars. that compares to a container of rice that runs ten thousand dollars. This is where your cash donations go.

"As it is we ration the food and when a family comes in we can only give them so much and often it's not enough it may last then 2-3 days when they need food for a week," adds Grimm.

Many who recently lost their jobs are facing hunger. "Now when you have businesses closing, two thousand people are unemployed. What are they going to do? They are going to need food," reminds Grimm

Reporter Beth Hillyer learns, "Keep in mind when donating Saturday the food bank has plenty of vegetables like green beans, what they really need is protein like tuna fish, spam and vienna sausage."

"We have one day where we have to collect as much food and as much money as we possibly can. This year our goal is 550 thousand pounds of food and 450-thousand dollars," hopes Grimm.