Farrington's Dream Team Wins National Prize

Bebi Davis
Bebi Davis

KALIHI (KHNL) -- A group of students at Farrington High School celebrate this Earth Day $6,000 richer.

Farrington high school's Dream Team lived up to its name. Their environmental experiment just won them a national title and $75,000 in grand prize money.

Bebi Davis is the Dream Team's Physics and Chemistry teacher.

"They were shocked just like I was. They knew the money was a part of the project but to think of being the grand prize winners, competing with people on the mainland," she said.

The eight-member team created this experiment that deals with clean energy and creates power using hydrogen fuel cells.

"We're looking for an energy that can help the environment and also can help us," said Farrington High Junior Robert Delim. "When I studied our topic, I kind of think about it, our environment is really important."

"You can use solar energy to break the water down into the hydrogen and oxygen and so you don't have to use electricity," Davis said.

The students are one of two grand-prize winners of the Lexus Environmental Challenge. They attribute their success to chemistry teacher Debi Davis.

"These kids can go on and become engineers, scientists, and educators and ambassadors in the world," Davis said.

"We were just working, we didn't think about it. I don't think we would win but when we heard about it, I was like wow, what a shock," said Farrington High Junior Carmina Figuracion.

The students say after high school, they will continue to be ambassadors for change and clean energy alternatives.

Some of the funds will go to the school and Ms. Davis's classroom. And the remaining $50,000 is split between the students for scholarships and service projects.