Aloha Airlines Explorer's Last Graduation

Greg Chilson
Greg Chilson
Chandler Matow
Chandler Matow

Kakaako (KHNL)--A group of what would have been future employees of Aloha Airlines is honored in Honolulu. The former airline's program, is similar to an internship.

Students learn a variety of skills in the airline industry to figure out what kind of career they'd like to pursue.

the spirit of aloha continues.

Twenty three students from across Oahu attend the graduation at the Dave & Busters showroom in Kakaako.

The program's coordinator Greg Chilson, the former Director of Food Services for the airline said, "It's a chance for college age and high school kids on Oahu to experience the aviation industry ." He added, "We bring them in for 10 weeks, for three hours each night and we show them all the little parts and pieces of the airlines.

When Aloha shut down two weeks ago, there was little question about what would happen to the program.

Chilson remembers getting the bad news on a Sunday night that the following day, the airline was shutting it's doors.

He said, "My initial reaction was to send an email to all the students and advisors saying sorry, but the program was terminated. He went on to say, "It took only a couple of hours to change my mind and figure out, we should finish the program."

For students like Chandler Matow, it's a good decision.

The junior at Mid Pacific Institue said, "I've been taking flying lessons so I plan to be a pilot. I'm on my way, so I'm definitely going into the aviation business."

And he added, although the airline and program no longer exist, the friendships he made will continue for a long time.

He said, "They're all my friends now and I would definitely hang out with them after."

Matow received outstanding recognition with two of his new friends, Sonny AhPuck of Kahuku and Jerris Tagavilla of Roosevelt who also received the Explorer of the Year Award.