Mixed Martial Artists Battling it Out

Hans Marrero
Hans Marrero
Egan Inoue
Egan Inoue

KAKAAKO (KHNL) -- Mixed martial arts fighter Egan Inoue said he wanted a young kid in his first fight back from retirement.

He got it.

But this match won't be the typical crafty veteran versus the young up and comer. Egan Inoue and Hans Marrero have a little bit of history.

"Egan actually happens to be one of my heroes growing up," said Marrero.  "I saw him when I was 17. First guy I saw fight."

The two are now facing off in the ring.

The main event of X-1's Legends Fight Card.

Marrero's 23.

Egan's 42. And coming off a 4-year hiatus.

"Agewise, I don't think that matters." Marrero said.  "We're both warriors, he's definitely a warrior."

"It's be nice to be 23 again, but what I know now, compared to what I knew then, I'd rather keep that," said Inoue.

What does matter -- Marrero's 15-5.

With all of his victories by submission.

"I mean, if somebody can win that many matches by submission, he's obviously got skills," said Inoue. But that's where my skills are too, so it'll be a technical match."

"He's kinda ground and pound. he'll stand up with you and bang. I'll stand up with you and bang," Marrero said.  "But, I'll do both of them. Just happy to take a punch from him."

Both fighters have the utmost respect for each other, and are honored to battle it out.

And they're expecting to put on a good show.

"Definitely a crazy fight. Definitely a battle. One of my biggest fights," said Marrero.

"I'm coming for this one with all that I can, the best as I got, and lay it on the line," said Inoue.

The fight goes down May 16th at the Blaisdell.

Egan says this fight will really show how far his comeback can go