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Curbside Recycling Expands on Oahu

Mayor Mufi Hannemann Mayor Mufi Hannemann
Brendan West Brendan West
Benjamin Crocker Benjamin Crocker

By Mari-Ela David

HONOLULU (KHNL) -- Mayor Mufi Hanneman is making an aggressive push for curbside recycling on Oahu. Monday evening, he met with the community to talk about plans to expand the program. It's the second in a series of meetings about going green.

Starting November, Manoa will be one of several places added to the list of neighborhoods that will get curbside recycling. The expansion involves a total of 40,000 homes.

A green bin for green waste, blue for mixed recyclables, and gray for rubbish - it's part of a curbside recycling pilot program that residents in Hawaii Kai and Mililani have been taking part in for the past few months.

"It's a little confusing at first," said Brendan West, a Hawaii Kai resident.

As the city prepares to expand the program, Mayor Hanneman held a talk story session with the community at Kalani High School to help clear any mix-ups.

"Because it's a new program there is confusion but we hope to indicate to people that this is a program that seems to have a lot of support, we want to expand it as quickly as we can," said Mayor Hanneman.

Pick-up coincides with regular trash collection days, which is twice a week. The first day is for gray bins, and on the second day, you alternate the green and blue bins.

"I know the green refuse is actually used for reproducing energy here on the island so I think it's a great idea," said West.

"This place is beautiful and if we don' take care of our environment and we don't recycle then what's the point of living here," said Benjamin Crocker, a Salt Lake resident.

Mayor Hanneman says most of Oahu will have curbside recycling by May 2010.

Other areas that will see curbside recycling this November are the North Shore, select Honolulu and Windward neighborhoods including Kapahulu and Kailua.

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