Former Aloha Employees, Passenger Reunite at Picnic

KAPIOLANI (KHNL) -- It's been two weeks since Aloha Airlines shut down. For many, the camaraderie among fellow employees will be missed as much as their jobs.

Sunday afternoon, more than 100 Aloha employees and supporters gathered for one last picnic.

The picnic was organized by long-time passenger Joshua Cooper. He had been flying back and forth on Aoha Airlines for the last decade to teach political science on Maui.

"For ten years so many Aloha employees helped me to get where I needed to be, that we thought we at least needed to be together one more time and be able to be connected and be able to swap emails and do things together for future events," said Cooper.  "Because we really are one big family."

It was one last chance to eat together, console one another and share fond memories of working for an airline that had been around for more than 60 years.

"Everybody is like family we all just get along well with each other. I mean nothing can beat company getting along as much as we did," said Former Aloha Airlines Employee Neil Rees.

Sunday's picnic brought out much need smiles during these difficult times.

"This is wonderful because it brings all of us together to support each other to console each other just to lift up our spirits," said Rees.

Aloha Airlines employees took pride in providing excellent service. And even their darkest hours, they still feel bad for, not just themselves but for their loyal customers.

"We got family to support this and that but some of them got stuck for almost a week you know just trying to get back home an apology would have been nice," said Rees.

He wrote a letter on behalf of all the Aloha employees apologizing to the passengers affected by the abrupt closure. He hopes the letter will some how find its way into their hands.