Kaneohe Marine Won't Fight ID Theft Charges, Tells KHNL He's Sorry

Daniel Alfieri
Daniel Alfieri

HONOLULU (KHNL) -- A Kaneohe Marine, accused of stealing the identities of Marines who are serving overseas, gave up his court fight Friday. Daniel Alfieri changed his plea to nearly two dozen financial fraud charges.

"No contest, your honor," the defendant said.

Twenty-two no contest pleas in all for a Kaneohe Marine who, prosecutors say, committed the ultimate act of betrayal.

"His fellow Marines have enough to worry about serving in Iraq," Chris Van Marter, deputy prosecutor, said. "But to have to deal with the problems that are associated with identity theft at the same time, I think is, is very despicable."

While five Marines were on deployment to Iraq, prosecutors say Daniel Alfieri was back home on the Internet, using their personal information to apply for credit cards, which he then used at various stores.

"Naturally, they were very upset to find out that a person that they had served with had violated the trust that Marines have in one another," Van Marter said.

Alfieri pleads no contest to identity theft, credit card fraud, forgery and other charges. He hopes the judge will give him a deferral, which means he could wipe the incident off his record if he stays out of further trouble.

"The scope of the criminal scheme, in our view, does not merit a deferred acceptance of his plea," Van Marter said.

In an exclusive statement to KHNL News 8, the 28-year-old expresses remorse to the victims.

"I feel very sorry for them," Alfieri told us. "I apologize."

"Why did you get involved in this?" this reporter asked.

"No, no further comment," he replied.

He goes from serving his country to possibly serving prison time.

The judge is scheduled to rule on the deferral request July 18th. If rejected, Alfieri could be sentenced to five years in prison for each count.

Prosecutors say his discharge from the Marine Corps is on hold pending the outcome of this case.