Damien Monarch Baseball Team Walks to Support Number One Fan

Dior Andrade
Dior Andrade

KALIHI (KHNL) -- It's a big weekend for the Damien Monarch baseball team.

And it has nothing to do with hits or runs.

They're looking to score big for their number one fan.

No matter how the Monarch Baseball team is doing, they have one devoted fan -- Dior Andrade.

Big sister to 3rd baseman DJ.

She makes signs for games, washes uniforms and helps with the post game potluck.

"I do it just to support my brother, but along with it comes the rest of the other boys," said ndrade. "I take them in as my own brother. So I'd do anything for them."

Now it's time for them to return the favor.

Dior was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis last October.

The entire squad is walking with her in a fundraiser this weekend.

"She does a lot for the team. A lot from the heart. And it's all you can ask," said Monarchs head coach Terry Derby. "By doing stuff like that, when I heard about her situation, I said we gotta do something back. And this is our way of giving back. It's a small way, but it's a small way to give back."

"It shows that like, we're like a family," said DJ Andrade, Monarchs 3rd baseman. "And we help out each other when we're down and things."

Dior's now in remission.

She still works full time as a flight attendant, plus coach for the school's cheerleaders, and big sis to the baseball team.

And if she has her way, Dior will continue doing it all for a long time.

"Everything's the same. I'm still the same Dior. I don't let the disease hold me back from doing anything."

Walk MS is scheduled for Saturday, 7:30 in the morning, at Ala Moana Beach Park.

Volunteers raise money for research and services for those with multiple sclerosis.

Dior will have 81 family and friends marching with her.