Doctor Offers Aloha Employees Discounted Office Visits

HONOLULU (KHNL) -- A local doctor moved by the pain he saw in the faces of Aloha employees is making a remarkable offer. A trip to the doctor's office can cost hundreds of dollars. But a local doctor moved by their suffering is offering Aloha employees check-ups for just $25.

Doctor Frank Williams went into medicine to help people.

"As a physician, I saw the pain in people faces, those who were laid off. As a family man I know the implications of losing everything all at once, the emotional stress of losing everything is clear," said Dr. Frank Williams.

For many Aloha employees now out of work, the unemployment check doesn't cover the mortgage, car payments and health insurance.

"Medical care in the U.S. is one of the most expensive aspects of the economy and certainly without insurance people's health will suffer," said Dr. Williams.

Board certified internist, Doctor Frank Williams is trying to ease their suffering. He's offering Aloha employees office visits for just $25.

Williams explains, "I'm an internal medicine specialist, I am an expert at diagnosing and treating disease. As a generalist I specialize in diagnosing across the different specialties."

The $25 visit includes a checkup, diagnosis and referral, if necessary.

"I think basically as a physician, I think part of your obligation is to help people and you feel the pain when people are in pain you may not be in the same but you can identify people in need,"  Dr. Williams explained.

And he challenges others to help these folks in need.

"It's a disaster that is occuring and we have to respond. Everybody has to respond not just myself."

For all Aloha Airlines, local ATA and Molokai Ranch employees with loss of insurance, Frank A. Williams M.D.. is announcing his board certified internal medicine services to see all adult patients affected by the recent layoffs.

Dr. Williams will waive his customary fee and charge only $25.00 for office visits.