Kualoa Ranch a Gem on Oahu

KUALOA RANCH, Windward Oahu (KHNL) -- Our exclusive Earth and Sea Project report takes us to one of the most picturesque and pristine spots in all of Hawaii.

A place where nature rules and where the primary objective is to preserve and protect the land for future generations.

Stretching from the sparkling blue waters, to the spectacular sheer cliffs, Kualoa Ranch offers 4,000 acres of unblemished beauty.

Located on the northeastern side of Oahu, just a short ride from Honolulu, the working cattle ranch also offers a trip back in time.

The only traffic jams here, involve horses.

For John Morgan this is home.

"I get choked up when I think about that," said Morgan.  "I'm one of the luckiest people in the world it's just amazing. To be able to come out here everyday and to work here and have a hand in preserving it an amazing thing."

This family-owned slice of Hawaii is far more than just the Morgan's personal playground.

For them, this land represents a huge responsibility. As written in their mission statement.

"I take it very seriously," Morgan said.  "In fact, I think some of the words are we want to be a role model as stewards of the property and thats what we want to do."

And to do that, they need to generate income. Something they are able to do, by sharing the land with visitors who, in turn enjoy a unique opportunity to see another side of Hawaii.

"We've made our business plan out of sharing the property with the public and it seems to be working."

"We've got different tours. Horseback riding, ATV's and all of the people are gone at the end of the day it looks just like it did in the morning when nobody was there."

And then there's the Hollywood influence. The ranch has profited by providing the perfect backdrop for dozens of feature films and television shows.

But it's the small, down home country feeling that John Morgan and his family hope to preserve for future generations.

"You could be on Molokai, east Maui or anything. This is one of the gems on Oahu," Morgan said.  "We think we can be a destination in Hawaii that really focuses on Hawaii."