Former Prisoners of War Remember Those Who Died in WWII

Nick Nishimoto
Nick Nishimoto

HONOLULU (KHNL) -- On this date during World War II, 10,000 American soldiers were marched to a prisoner of war camp in the Philippines.

The sacrifices of those soldiers, as well as soldiers in all American wars, are never forgotten.

It's a place where valor sleeps.

The National Memorial Cemetery of the Pacific is the final resting place for thirty-seven prisoners of war.

"My buddy died, I took his things out of his pockets and I've kept them with me," Former POW Nick Nishimoto said.

They sacrificed their freedom for the freedom of others. And on this day, former American prisoners of war remember.

"I've been going out to the military post to tell them what we experienced. Because we just hope that if and when they get into that situation, try to escape," Nishimoto said.

Many endured starvation and torture.

"Food mainly, that's all we talk about in camp, what were going to eat when we get out," Nishimoto said.

They made extraordinary sacrifices for the red, white, and blue. "Faith in our country, faith in our fellow man, that's what kept us going," Nishimoto said.

Living POW's, soldiers, and family members of missing in action soldiers, place wreaths at a memorial stone.

After a rifle salute and the playing of taps, these veterans remember friends that are gone, but never forgotten.