Aloha Means Goodbye

Aloha means goodbye. Goodbye to 61-years of service; goodbye to over 1,900 employees; goodbye to a reliable and viable option for local travelers; goodbye to an airline which began, in part, to offer equal opportunities to minorities.

While the airline wars have been fierce and unfriendly of late, did you ever think that Aloha Airlines would join the list of defunct Hawaii air carriers, alongside MidPacific, Discovery and Mahalo Airlines? The jet fuel prices, the cost of doing business, the questioned practices of a third player- it all added up to bankruptcy for the second time in the past four years- and this time it results in a complete shutdown of passenger service.

Last ditch efforts to find a financier or buyer failed, and certainly the nationwide credit crunch made the timing of this announcement even worse in terms of finding an 11th hour savior. The accusations of unfair competition will continue, as will the Aloha lawsuit against go! Airlines, and 1,900 residents will hopefully find something real soon to allow them to  move ahead with their lives, which they must. Aloha meant "hello" in our skies almost 62-years ago; aloha meant "love" to the many employees and passengers, and now, sadly, aloha truly does mean "goodbye". Think about it...