Talk Story Caller Wants An Airline Ticket Refund

HONOLULU (KHNL) -- A viewer holding seemingly worthless seats on Aloha Airlines contacted our Talk Story line in search of information on how to get his money back.

A state consumer advocate tells how to recoup your losses.

How much money you may get back in a refund really depends on how you bought your tickets. Stranded travelers are left holding worthless tickets. But don't throw them away. You may get all or some of your money back.

Darcie Takemoto is heading back to college, not on ATA as planned. She had to buy a new ticket on Hawaiian airlines but her debit card company is helping out.

"I just called my bank and told them that what happened and they said OK they'll reimburse me in a week," said passenger Darcie Takemoto

Los Angeles passenger Steve Dominguez and his family are also getting a refund.

"Luckily, we booked with a third party travel agency, contacted them and you'll get your money in 60-90 days. So luckily we went with third party and they helped us out tremendously," said passenger Steve Dominguez.

Those who used credit cards have the best chance.

"Under the Fair Credit Billing Act, it's a federal law and consumers have quite a bit of protection if they charge for goods and services that aren't provided," explained the director of the State Office of Consumer Protection, Stephen Levins.

But you must dispute the charge within 60 days.

Others who paid by cash, check or debit card have to file a claim.

Aloha ticket holders need to fill out a proof of claim form.

ATA ticket holders can file a claim with the Bankruptcy Court.

"There may be a possibility some monies will be recovered by the consumer but certainly wouldn't be 100 cents on the dollar. "

More like a few cents on the dollar.

Levins has this advice, get a return receipt on your claim as proof you filed it.