Honolulu Zoo's Elephants Face the Scale

Dana Takahara-Diaz
Dana Takahara-Diaz

HONOLULU (KHNL) -- The holidays are over, bathing suit season is here, and a couple local elephants weigh in.

Meet Mari and Viagai. They're the Honolulu Zoo's Asian elephants who came to the islands from India.

Tuesday, they prepare to step on the scale, for an event that happens twice a year.

Have you ever dreaded your date with the scale? Mari is preparing herself to get weighed in by feasting on healthy fruit. Along with a healthy breakfast, the elephants get plenty of good old fashioned exercise.

Dana Takahara-Diaz is the Zoo's Spokesperson.

"Our keepers walk them, they play lots of games, they have lots of toys, and it's very interesting and stimulating for the elephants," She said.

Mari is 32 years old, and past the child-bearing age. But at 22, Vaigai is the perfect candidate to bring a little elephant to the Honolulu Zoo. That's why it's important to weigh in.

"That will be an assurance that the second future of elephants at the Honolulu Zoo," Takahara-Diaz said. "Like everybody else diet and exercise is key, especially for elephants who weigh 10,000 plus pounds."

And that's the magic number. Anything under five tons is the ideal weight for pregnancy. And Vaigai wieghed in at 9,750 pounds which is just right.

So the next time you step on your bathroom scale, be thankful that you don't have to look at elephant numbers.

The elephant handlers say Vaigai is the perfect weight for having a baby, the next step is to find her a mate. It's too bad they don't have the bachelor for slender elephants.