Fans Travel Great Distance to Watch Warrior Football Players Practice

Scott Shaw
Scott Shaw
Bud Gabriel
Bud Gabriel

MANOA (KHNL) -- While the players and coaches have to be there at 7 in the morning, the fans don't.

And we found some devoted fans who go through great lengths to watch their team.

Dozens of Warrior fans make the early morning trek to Manoa to catch spring practice.

Some travel farther than others.

"Well yeah, we got up around 5 to get here," said Warriors fan Bud Gabriel. "We braved the traffic. We're not used to that in Oregon."

That's right -- Oregon.

But Bud Gabriel has good reason to be a Warrior fan. His nephew is Evan Miller.

Scott Shaw and son Brian are Hawaii fans from Wheeling, West Virginia.

And they're not related to anyone on the team.

"We seen them on TV a few times. We like them," said Scott Shaw. "Like their offense, and we come over to Hawaii every couple years, and we always come over to the spring practices and get some autographs for the kids, and follow them on ESPN whenever we can back home."

What do your friends say?

"They never heard of Hawaii," said Brian Shaw.

Despite the anonimity, these guys talk about the Warriors like they're at Halawa every Saturday.

"I think they'll be in good shape. Tyler's a good quarterback."

"Sounds like the new coach is a great coach."

"Lot of good recruiting. Good junior college guys coming in, that can step right in, don't have to develop them. Just plug in new parts and keep rolling."

And expectations are high.

"Well, I think they look real good, and they'll have a good season."

"I think they'll do fine. Lot of good athletes, lot of the defense is coming back. I think they'll do just fine."

Warriors practice Wednesday, Thursday and Saturday this week.

All practices are open to the public.

Spring practices wrap up April 26th, with a scrimmage and Ohana Day at Aloha Stadium.