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Mayor Hanneman Vetos Resolution Relating to Conflict of Interest

Mayor Mufi Hannemann Mayor Mufi Hannemann
Councilmember Charles Djou Councilmember Charles Djou

HONOLULU (KHNL) -- Mayor Mufi Hannemann has vetoed a resolution which would place on the ballot a proposed charter amendment that may preclude appointed public officials from reviewing matters which they were involved in while in the private sector.

Mayor Hannemann said Ken Nakamatsu, Director of Human Resources, has urged him to veto the resolution because it would hamper recruitment efforts.

In a letter addressed to Council Chair Barbara Marshall and Councilmembers, Mayor Hannemann noted that "qualified individuals may not even apply for a job because they will be concerned that their work responsibilities will be severly restricted."

He also stated that the "narrowing of the field is not in concert with the general recruiting trend of working to expand the pool of applicants for all jobs, nor can it be recommend while we face a shrinking labor pool."

Councilmember Charles Djou responded to the Mayor's veto in a press release Monday, stating his disappointment.

"A strong ethics code is the fundamental foundation of our democracy and it is critical for the City to have solid conflict-of-interest rules.  I am extremely disappointed in the mayor's veto of the ethics legislation to close a glaring loophole in the City's conflict-of-interest rules.  This veto undermines the public's trust in our government and continues the unfortunate trend in Hawaii government of turning back ethics reform," stated Councilmember Djou.

But the mayor said current laws and procedures already exist to ensure the disclosure of potential conflicts of interest.

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