Sunbrellas Replace Umbrellas For Sun Protection

Gregoria Siador
Gregoria Siador
Annie O'Connor Hughes
Annie O'Connor Hughes

HONOLULU (KHNL) -- Regular umbrellas are useless in blocking the suns rays, even though the shade they provide might feel nice.

One local artist has reinvented the umbrella.

In a high ultra violet index area like Hawaii, many use anything and everything to block out the sun.

"My beautiful umbrella from Maui," Gregoria Siador said.

Sara uses her umbrella to protect her skin.

"Too much sunshine, that's why I carry it everyday, to block the sunshine from my face," she said.

Rain umbrellas might make you feel cooler, but they don't block all of the sun's dangerous rays.

"Even though it is sunny, or rainy, or this kind of hot, I protect my eyes, because I have an eye defect, I am blind," Siador said.

Hawaii's unique weather patterns call for unique umbrellas.

"They're not getting the protection that they need because the UV Radiation goes right through ordinary fabrics."

Annie O'Connor Hughes is a local artist who invented the sunbrella.

"I did have several incidences with skin cancer and I knew that I needed sun protection," she said.

Hughes found a liner fabric that is certified to block 97% of UV radiation.

"This is the up liner and they all carry the hang tag certification," Hughes said.

This stylish approach to skin protection comes in Hawaiian themed fabrics.

"They all have different color complimentary liners so when you open them up, it's kind of a surprise," Hughes said.

The next time you grab a regular rain umbrella to shield you from the sun, don't forget the sunscreen.

Sunbrellas sell in boutiques across the island for $76.95 but do offer Kamaina rates.