Roosevelt High Re-enacts Drunk Driving Accident

Keala Simeona
Keala Simeona
Blessing Scott
Blessing Scott
Randall Cagaoan
Randall Cagaoan

HONOLULU (KHNL) -- The Roosevelt High School peer education program staged a mock car accident to educate teenagers about the dangers of drinking and driving.

Screams from a Roosevelt High School student ring out Friday morning.

Student actors display the results of a drunk driving car accident. Minutes seem like hours waiting for an ambulance and the mood turns somber.

Eleventh grader Keala Simeona can't hold back the tears.

"It was really sad, I even cried in the beginning," she said.

Students watch their classmates, and quickly realize they aren't invincible.

"Well, I never planned to drink, that was like a personal choice of mine, but as soon as I saw this, it kind of reinforced everything," said high school junior Blessing Scott.

"Seeing this, then you know that it's really possible that accidents can happen with drinking and driving," Simeona said.

One twelfth grader is arrested for DUI, and another leaves the scene in a body bag. Randall Cagaoan acted as the drunk driver.

"I want to reach out to all my friends out there, to show what drinking and driving does to you. So I'm happy that we put this show on and everyone felt the reaction," he said.

Over 80 emergency workers participate. It's Cagaoan's first time in the back of a cop car.

"You really don't want to have this happen to you," he said.

The Honolulu police and fire departments hope that by re-enacting events they see all too often, high schoolers will feel the consequences of drunk driving.

Following the crash, tears kept rolling, as a mock funeral was held and included eulogies by family members of the victims of drunk driving.