Beach Bash

As locals, visitors and renters alike decry the lack of access to local beaches, the mess some thoughtless beach-goers leave behind, and the general erosion of Waikiki Beach, it is always nice to hear a successful beach story. The latest one would be Iroquois Point in West Oahu, which will allow for public access from sunrise to sunset daily, starting in less than two weeks.

Now that the U.S. Navy has made the gesture to open it up after five years of private developer leasing, let's make sure that regular visitors and local residents realize and appreciate this opportunity and don't trash it up. The public parking situation, limited at best, might be an issue down the road, but it's a great start with this new public access and a chance for families to explore yet another area.

Having said that, it is both sad and frustrating to watch the misuse and abuse of our beaches that we all witness from time to time. Hard to imagine people can claim how much they love our pristine shoreline areas, how they claim ownership of  the sandy realm, yet consciously ignore the 'aina when it comes to cleaning her up. It's a bit of a trek for some to find Iroquois Point on Oahu, but this new policy is a breath of fresh air, sand, and sea. Enjoy it wisely.  Think about it...