Help For Aloha and ATA Employees

HONOLULU (KHNL)--The sheer number of now unemployed Aloha workers is staggering.

More than 700 people filled the Sheraton's Ballroom in Waikiki.

"Today, I got a lot of information as to what's my next step, what am I gonna do, I came down the main reason is to file for unemployment," said Aloha's Stacy Magallanes.

"I already went through the online telephone to fill out unemployment benefits and I got a packet and came here to get some questions answered," said Aloha's Patricia Damas.

Others are also looking to sign up for medical benefits and career counselors give workers hope for the future.

"They are letting us know where we can go for classes if we don't know how to write a resume and they have a lot of websites to go to."

"Right now, I don't know what I'm going to do, I should have a lot of opportunities, office, clerical work," said Aloha's Byron Dureg.

Theresa Davidson worked as an Aloha flight attendant for 18 years.

"The only skills I have is being a flight attendant, so I may have to college and learn something that will help me," said Aloha's Theresa Davidson.

Many are still having a rough time.

"Emotionally, I miss my co-workers because they aren't just co-workers they weren't just friends, they were family," said Magallanes.

"The State is trying to help us and the community is behind us and the Aloha spirit is still here, the Aloha spirit is still here," said Dureg.