Coach Mack's Take on Pro Day

MANOA (KHNL) -- It's back to work for Warrior head coach Greg McMackin.

Tuesday, he spent at the Univeristy of Hawaii's pro timing day in California.

Wednesday, he's back leading practice in Manoa.

It was a quick trip for Coach Mack.

Him and associate head coach Rich Miano left Monday morning and returned on Tuesday evening. Their hopes for the excursion -- help as many former players as they could break into the next level.

For 40 years, Coach Mack's been around the game, but he still can't see the future and tell you where any of the former Warriors will go. However, he can tell you one thing.

"I believe a lot of them have the ability, I've been on a couple pro teams and I would sure like to have had them with me."

Yesterday, 19 players from last year's undefeated team worked out for more than 50 pro scouts and coaches, each of them looking at the nfl hopefuls with a critical eye.

"It just depends on what a team needs, pro scouts and coaches pretty much only look for the negative now."

But the players choose to be positive.

"I'm happy with my time running, I did pretty good, everything else, jumps all pretty good, just go out there and catch now do what I do best."

"You know, I've heard a lot of different things, I've heard there are certain things that each coach and each team is looking for and you can have a great workout and people can not be impressed, and you can come out here not do as well as you wanted and people be really impressed," said Colt Brennan.

As for Coach Mack, he was extremely pleased with what he saw from everyone who participated, particularly Colt.

"Colt did an excellent job, I used to work with Ted Tolmer who worked him out and he really likes him, he was really throwing the ball strong, he looks like a model at 218."

Coach Mack added associate head coach Rich Miano deserves a lot of the credit, since he's the one that has organized Hawaii's pro day, and made it into what the sucessful event it is today.