Award-Winning Professor Explains Global Warming

Dr. Stephen Schneider
Dr. Stephen Schneider

HONOLULU (KHNL) -- Our Earth and Sea Project continues with a look at global warming and how it can affect Hawaii.

In the past century, the earth's temperature has warmed up only a degree and a half.

But that small change can do some major damage to our islands.

Nobel-award winning professor Doctor Stephen Schneider appeared on "KHNL News 8 Today,"  Wednesday morning.

He says the rising temperatures are warming the oceans and raising sea levels, while also creating some stronger storms.

"What we have to do is substitute for the power supplies like the oil and coal for example, that have tailpipe and smokestack emmissions, as if our atmosphere is a free sewer," said Dr. Schneider, a Stanford University professor.  "We have to start charging for our own wastes."

Doctor Schneider is visiting the islands this week to speak to students and faculty members at Hawaii Pacific University