Kilauea Volcano Eruption Update

KILAUEA (KHNL) -- Hawaiian Volcano Observatory reports that lava activity on Puu Oo continues with little change over the past few days.

On Halemaumau, activity at the vent in the crater also continues.  Sulfur dioxide emissions have been fluctuating and ash emissions seem to be relatively constant.

Vog levels are occassionally high in several districts, primarily in Kohala and Kona.  There is still light ash reaching Pahala.

The State Department of Health says the 24-hour sulfur dioxide level recorded at the air monitoring station in Pahala has exceeded the federal ambient air quality standard.

Because of this, people with pre-existing respiratory conditions need to take precautionary measures:

- Stay in doors and use an air conditioner.

- Do not smoke and avoid second-hand smoke.

- Limit physical exertion.

- Drink plenty of fluids.  Warm beverages seem to work best.

- If you take medications, make sure you have an adequate supply.

- Contact your physician right away if any respiratory problem develops.