Aloha Passengers Scramble For Seats

HONOLULU (KHNL)--The sudden shut down has left thousand of travelers stranded.

Among the hardest hit, are hundreds of people who showed up for their mainland flights and learned they were cancelled. Now they are stuck flying standby.

It's not the way families want to end their spring break.

"We had a lovely week on Kauai and then when we went to get our boarding passes yesterday the Aloha Website said no," said passenger Ameylna Molguard.

They search for seats on other carriers.

"We are checking with Hawaiian to see if we can go out before Wednesday so they are missing three days of school and I'm missing three days of work," said Molguard.

"We are here for a wedding, just landed, saw headlines in the paper, didn't know what was going on so now we need a return flight home," said passenger Abbey Church.

Inbound passengers realize they're stuck.

"Flew in from Oakland and I'm staying all week I don't know how I'm getting home yet. Hopefully I tried last night on phone with United didn't get any help there," said passenger Neal Beckett.

"I was really lucky because this was the last flight, they said history making last Aloha flight out of Vegas to Oakland. I was lucky to get back home, " said passenger Brian Choy.

"We just went onboard this morning and we were shocked to find it's the last flight that was coming, it came as a shock we had no idea," said Christine Kohler who is in town for a wedding.

Many comment on the continuing professionalism of the Aloha employees.

"I've been really surprised at how good natured the Aloha employees were this morning and when we talked with them on the phone because you know they are dealing with real crabby customers, people yelling at them and I"m thinking haven't they all just lost their jobs," said Molguard.