Aloha Employees Stunned By Shutdown

Monica Kalahui
Monica Kalahui

HONOLULU (KHNL) -- We spoke with a team of flight attendants getting ready to board Aloha's last mainland flight. They were shy to go on camera saying they had no makeup on since they had been crying all morning.

Supervisors informed Aloha employees early Sunday.

It's an emotional time as word of the shutdown spread around the airport.

The last outbound jets for mainland flights pulled away from the gates.

Onboard flight attendants so close they consider each other family.

"We are taking our last flight together today we are off to Reno. It will be an awesome flight we will give our customers the best service we have always given them that's all we can do yeah," said flight attendant Monica Kalahui.

Ticket agents took time to hug each other in between processing passengers.

"We have to have faith. I love my job, I love the people I work with, we are family," said Kalahui.

"There is a bankruptcy hearing tomorrow, we want to thank the public Other airlines like Hawaiian airlines the public for giving us their business all these years," said flight attendant Alan Nakata.

Employees hold out hope an 11th hour deal will keep the airline afloat. They want investors to know they would be buying much more than an airline.

"You would be buying 3,500 of the best employees that have the Aloha spirit in their blood. I grew up flying this airline and to work for this airline has been such an honor," said Kanani Kaopua.

And employees appreciate all the support.

"I ran into a woman at McDonalds, didn't know her but she said, 'hey how are you folks holding up' and the concern in her face was touching, just to see that kind of support, so thank you very much," said flight attendant Kanani Kaopua.

"I always believe where God shuts one door, another, awesome door will opens and we will all go out with the spirit of Aloha we have carried in our hearts from the beginning," sobs Kalahui.

About 100 operators at the call center are also affected.

One agent I spoke with said she is sorry it has to end like this but grateful for the friends she's made over the years.