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Aloha Airlines' Customers React to Shutdown

Peggy Bennett Peggy Bennett
Jim Otto Jim Otto

By Diane Ako and Beth Hillyer

HONOLULU (KHNL) -- The sudden shutdown has stunned longtime Aloha customers, who are upset about a lot of different things.

Despite word that other partner airlines would pick up those with Aloha tickets, uncertainty grips passengers like Peggy Bennett who had plans to travel on Aloha.

"We are leaving today to go to Kauai and coming back April 9th to fly back to New Orleans So...?"

Longtime passengers like Jim Otto feel for the employees and will miss the friends they've made over the years.

"You can see everybody is hugging everybody and they get the feeling it might be permanent, so it's a shame. I've been loyal to Aloha for 14 years now. I've stuck by them, and hopefully they'll get out of this problem which I know they had with gas prices and Go! Airlines."

Some fliers are using up their return tickets just in the nick of time.

"I'll be back tomorrow and we'll see how Aloha does- whether the shutdown is actually permanent."

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