Colt and Former Warriors Get Ready for Pro Day

(KHNL) -- Colt Brennan, the Warriors former top gun, along with the other ex-Warriors trying out for the NFL, are all getting ready for Hawaii's pro day. It's set for Tuesday in California.

Pro day is an audition for NFL hopefuls. Colt is excited to show his stuff.

It's been a busy few weeks for Brennan. After last month's NFL combine, it's just been working out, gaining weight, and throwing. All in preparation of Tuesday's pro day.

"I wanna go out there and leave no card unturned," said Brennan, during a phone interview from California. "I want everyone to be like, 'wow, this kid's got everything you want.'"

Plans are for Brennan to do everything -- running, lifting weights, and throwing. A lot of it. He says it's more than any other quarterback prospect and what'll help -- he's throwing to guys he's been throwing to the last three years.

"Obviously, it gives me a ton of confidence," said Brennan. "We're really trying to go out there and blow away a lot of people."

Because the better he performs, the higher he may get picked in the upcoming nfl draft.

"I've heard everything from second, third round, to sixth seventh round," said Brennan. "It's such a weird process, and complicated process, and the truth is, I really have no idea."

And colt says it doesn't matter where. He just wants to get this entire process done, so he come back.

"I've been dying," he said. "I keep trying to plan a trip back home, and right now, i'm just trying to keep focused on the pro day, and getting drafted."

"I'm sure i'll be back this summer, when i get some free time. I miss Hawaii a ton, and can't wait to get back there."

"It's definitely my home."

Other former warriors scheduled to work out -- Davone Bess, Ryan Grice-Mullins, Jason Rivers, Michael Lafaele, and Jacob Patek, just to name a few.

The NFL draft is April 26th.