Boulder Rolls Through Palolo Home

Jacob Lee
Jacob Lee

HONOLULU (KHNL) -- Two college students were lucky to escape injury last night after a boulder crashed through the home they were renting in Palolo Valley.

The rockfall happened near the same area where a 500-pound boulder hit another home in 2006. Some residents on 10th avenue say they won't be surprised if more rocks continue to rumble down

Shortly before 5pm last night, the falling rock rolled off a steep hill behind this house on 10th Avenue, and crashed through the wall. The neighbors just below couldn't believe what they heard.

"We thought it was an earthquake, and we heard boom, swoosh, then after that we went back to sleep and then when we got up we was watching the news and they said a boulder fell down on 10th ave Palolo, : said Palolo Resident Trevis Jardine.

Jacob Lee has been living in Palolo for 46 years and has seen his fair share of fallen boulders. He remembers when a large one hit a home near his house on 10th Avenue two years ago.

"The guy that lived in the house told me he saw another boulder coming down into my yard, he showed me the boulder and it's a huge boulder, it's still there about 20 feet away from my house," said Palolo Resident Jacob Lee.

This last rockfall has him worried.

"The reason why it concerns me is because it could happen to me, it was close enough," said Jacob Lee.

Damage to the house was extensive. The boulder left a 3-by-10 foot hole in the rear wall leaving a path of wreckage before ending up in a crawlspace underneath the building. But structures can be repaired.

"I'm not thinking about the house, I'm thinking about the lives that would be lost," said Jacob Lee.

Jacob lee says he thought about moving but his wife doesn't want to because, she wants to stay close to family and friends. He does offer advice to others considering living near palolo valley hilsides.

"I wouldn't recommend anybody live in a place like this."

The Department of Land and Natural Resources says the land that the boulder fell from is not state or county, but privately owned.