Hawaiian Navigator's Neighbors Express Condolences After Costly Fire

NIU VALLEY (KHNL) --  Neighbors of famed Hawaiian navigator Nainoa Thompson express their condolences, after a fire destroys one of his homes in Niu Valley. It happened Thursday afternoon, and fire investigators are still looking into the cause of the fire.

This is the remains of a Niu Valley home ravaged by fire.

"I was just coming home," said Alan Taniguchi, one of Thompson's neighbors.  "My kids were home with my parents. They were watching it. There was a lot of smoke."

It belongs to Hawaiian sailing legend Nainoa Thompson.  The fire completely destroyed the home.

"It's really tragic," said Harry Tsuji, one of Thompson's other neighbors.  "I think he lost a lot of memorabilia and stuff like that when he made all his trips on the Hokulea."

The fire caused $350,000 in damage. No one was injured.

"I'm glad nobody got hurt, and I wish him well," said Taniguchi. "And I know he will rebuild and move on from this situation, but again, I'm sad he lost a lot of priceless mementos that probably meant a lot to him."

His neighbors say Thompson is one of the nicest people they know.

"When he got married, he invited all his neighbors to the wedding," said Taniguchi. "Nothing but nice things to say about that family."

Fire officials expect to have more information on the cause of the fire on Monday.