Volunteers Work to Put Life Back to Maunalua Bay

Eric Co
Eric Co

MAUNALUA BAY (KHNL) -- Sixty thousand people live in and around Maunalua Bay which stretches from Diamond Head to Koko Head on Oahu's east side.

It is a perfect example of what's happening to the environment and the interconnection between land and sea across Hawaii.

Runoff and water diversion from the mountains, invasive species, over fishing, and urban development have all combined to make life in the bay much less hearty than a century ago.

Our exclusive NOAA ocean cam shows some of the invasive algae that's attacked and killed vital coral.

The good news is, the Bay is also a prime example of how public and private partnerships work together to bring life back to the sea.

"With 60,000 residents - if everyone, if we were to get 60,000 out on the reef and clear even a small area we wouldn't have a problem," said Eric Co with the Nature Conservancy. "And so part of what were trying to accomplish here is educating folks of the problems and making them aware that there are things that they can do to improve the health of the Bay."

A whole series of volunteer and government sponsored clean-up projects hope to restore the Bay closer to its original pristine state.