Dismasted Yacht Arrives in Honolulu

HONOLULU (KHNL) -- After leaving China 34 days ago to race across the Pacific Ocean, westernaustralia2011.com arrives in Honolulu Friday morning.

The yacht, one of ten internationally-backed entries in the Clipper 07-08 Round the World Yacht Race, was dismasted 700 miles off the coast of Japan on March 5.  It crossed the ocean under jury rig after retiring from the 4,400-mile race.

Round the world crew member Lyn Condratoff said everyone onboard pulled together when the yacht's rig failed.

"That was the really amazing part," she said.  "You can't imagine the scenario, the 'what if'.  Nobody lost their cool or got into a flap, it was just brilliant."

The yacht had to put in twice at Midway Island, at the north western-most tip of the Hawaiian island chain, to take on more fuel, water and provisions to complete the journey, the second to repair their gearbox which was damaged when a trailing line fouled their propeller.