Kilauea Volcano Emissions Update

Civil Defense press release

HALEMAUMAU (KHNL) -- The Hawaiian Volcano Observatory has reported that emissions of sulfur dioxide and ash from Halemaumau at the Kilauea summit have shown a heavy increase over the past two weeks. Sulfur dioxide levels are elevated in areas south of Halemaumau crater.

Due to the events at Halemaumau, the following public safety advisories and recommendations are made:

- There are no evacuation advisories at this time.

- Ash emissions have reached as far as Na'alehu.

- Higher than normal levels of vog are reported in West Hawai'i.

Temporary and slightly elevated levels of sulfur dioxide have been recorded in Pahala during the past two weeks. Children and persons with existing respiratory conditions should refrain from outdoor exertion and keep medications at hand. Just be aware and take precautions.

A southerly shift in winds may cause residential areas in upper Puna up to fifteen miles downwind from Halema'uma'u to be affected by sulfur dioxide and ash.

As a precautionary measure, families should create family emergency plans so they will be prepared in the event winds carry hazardous levels of sulfur dioxide, ash, and/or heavy vog into your neighborhood.

Family emergency plans should include the following:

- A plan to leave the area.

- A plan to secure your home, business and property.

- An evacuation kit should be prepared.

- Plans for the care of your pets.