Gas Blast

We all know what happens when there is simply too much gas build-up. Relax, I'm talking about Kilauea, and the remarkable new show that the volcano is putting on over on the Island of Hawai'i. Apparently, it's the first such gas and rock and hypothermal eruption there since 1924- that's 84 years ago. Those noxious and obnoxious sulfur dioxide fumes that are causing problems over there--that's another part of this evolving story, but it is fascinating for adults and science students alike to watch a volcano evolve right in front of you.

Sometimes, because we're all kind of busy, perhaps we grow oblivious to the amazing natural forces that we have in Hawaii, with wind and waves, reefs and volcanoes, oceans, lakes, and wetlands, tropical reserves, and even snow-covered peaks. You can go to a lot of places, actually most places on this earth, and you'd be lucky to observe even half of these geographical activities and life forms on a regular basis.

So relish these moments, relish these airborne rocks, as long as they stay in a safe zone, for titillating learning and awe-inspiring experiences like this seem to come around about as often as Halley's Comet. As for those wicked sulfur fumes, we'll just have to hope that Mother Nature can do something about her current gas problem. Think about it...