Film Makers Stand Behind Feature On Princess Kaiulani

HONOLULU (KHNL)--With just three days of filming left, the production crew captures outdoor scenes on Iolani Palace grounds. They haul around trees. There are antique carriages, even horses on standby.

"What we are trying to accomplish here is through a feature film, the story of the overthrow of the Kingdom of Hawaii," said Film Producer Ric Galindez.

Filmmakers re-create the drama and depict the turbulent times that changed history.

"To show the rest of the world there was a kingdom here and it was very proper, well educated people and proud people, people taken over and bad things done to them," said Galindez.

They tell the story from the perspective of Princess Kaiulani, portrayed here in her youth.

"She actually did meet with the President of the United States to tell him and try to get him to understand what was going on in Hawaii was wrong," said Galindez.

A team of cultural advisors educate film makers on Hawaiian history, dance, and language. The costumes are authentic.

"Keeping things in perspective of that particular circa, era 1871-1893 it's been wonderful to bring back that timeline but it was a very sensitive time for the Hawaiians," said Cultural Advisor Blaine Kia.

"No, we don't think we are way off the mark, as we explained this is not a documentary it's a feature film."

A painful time to be portrayed on the big screen.

"We bring up these emotions again of the overthrow and as sensitive as it is now in 21rst Century it really does open up some wounds for our ancestors," said Kia.

The movie will be released in September, 2009.