City Revamps Web Site to Offer More Online Services

Gordon Bruce
Gordon Bruce

HONOLULU (KHNL) -- The City is revamping its Web site to make more services available online.

The City has spent the past three years upgrading the infrastructure. Now with that in place, the City moves forward with making the Web site more user friendly.

The official Web site of the City and County of Honolulu has a new look and with that, an easier access to online services.

According to Gordon Bruce, Director of Information Technology, the site is designed with new state of the art technologies.

"If you go to the City's Web site, you go to online services, they're all there readily available for you, whereas in the past, you have to know to go to customer services department to renew your drivers license, not now."

Now you can renew your vehicle registration, book your drivers test or apply for permits right online. A convenience he says, will save people a lot of time and sleep.

"People used to show up at 2:00 in the morning to book their drivers test, now they don't have to do that."

And with the addition of other services and support systems, including Drive Akamai and Hot Spot traffic cams, Bruce says the new site now provides citizens a better way of life.

"Until we get rail, if you want to sit out here in the traffic then go right ahead but gasoline getting up to $4 a gallon, a lot more people are gonna be more interested in doing their work from home then venture getting on to these roads."

The City's Web site was recently named the 8th in the major metro category for the quality and scope of its online services.