New Schedule for TheBoat Announced

HONOLULU (KHNL) -- Mayor Mufi Hanneman calls it the best deal in town and now TheBoat public transportation system has new hours.

After surveying customers, TheBoat has make changes in the schedule to increase ridership.

Morning shuttles have been pushed back for arrival times closer to work hours, and departures have been pushed back to allow time for busses to arrive.

Opponents say the two boats service an average of 290 passengers daily, which isn't enough for taxpayers to keep the service afloat.

"Let's face it, even with the bus, the excellent bus service we provide, were subsidizing," said Mayor Hannemann.  "We're subsidizing it with our property taxes, and I think that's a public policy position throughout America."

TheBoat public transportation system costs $2 for two transfers, just like TheBus and connects Kalaeola to downtown.

The commute takes 60 minutes and is a viable choice for commuters trying to avoid congestion on the freeway.

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