Ex-Cede-ingly Slow

Some things take forever to change or get fixed in Hawaii. Actually, a lot of things simply take too long. But the ridiculous state, or lack thereof, of a decision on ceded revenue for the Native Hawaiian Trust has now been awaiting a ruling for three decades. That's 30-years, folks, and the powers-that-be and the influencers and the recipients have all had undue amounts of time and meetings and pleas to get this thing settled.

Bottom line- well, that's the whole point- the bottom line. How much should be paid, and when, and how. But after 30-years, isn't a rational decision that obviously involves some consensus and some compromise due? If people and impassioned recipients are going to give testimony and opinion and try to resolve this, isn't that the purpose of the legislature- to make decisions?

In an election year, the "wrong" decision, whatever that might be, will certainly be unpopular, under the heading that you can't please all of the people all of the time, and a legislator's number one job is to retain his or her job. But 30-years and no end result or start of payments in sight? And it's not like this issue just popped up this session.  Let's hope the State House can bring this bill back to the front. Let's find out who is keeping it from happening and try to get some resolution- again, somebody isn't going to be happy no matter what. That's how things tend to work in a democracy. It's never unanimous. Think about it...