UH Football Coach Suspends Player Charged With Domestic Abuse

HONOLULU (KHNL) -- A University of Hawaii football player is preparing for a battle off the field. Keenan Jones is charged with felony assault and domestic abuse, and is set to appear before an Oahu judge later this week.

We arrive at an apartment building near the University of Hawaii at Manoa looking for Warrior football player Keenan Jones, and everyone scampers away.

The cornerback finds himself backed into a corner, accused of attacking his girlfriend on two separate occasions.

"I don't think he meant to throw, knock the door on her, yeah. But, you know, they was always arguing," Elaine Ortiz, victim's neighbor, said. "But I don't think he meant to hurt her."

The victim told investigators her 22-year-old boyfriend was at her Kinau Street apartment March 11th, when he slammed a door on her right foot and fractured two of her toes.

Court documents say Jones had rented 13 porn movies using her cable company, and that the bill was over $300 and she wanted him to pay.

"Relationships could take a toll on people, you know, and frustration, financial situations or whatever it may be," Ortiz said.

Ten days later, at an apartment complex on Wilder Avenue, police say the suspect choked his 22-year-old girlfriend as she sat in her car.

"I hope the victim is getting the support that she needs, and that the system will hold him accountable," Nanci Kreidman, Domestic Violence Action Center, said.

According to UH athletics, Jones had just six tackles during the entire 2007 season.

"He'll be suspended indefinitely until the formal investigation is completed," Greg McMackin, Warrior football coach, said.

"I think that the athletics department has done the right thing by saying we find this unacceptable," Kreidman said. "Our experience with the University of Hawaii has been very favorable. They have taken the problem (of domestic violence) seriously."

The suspect is free on bail.