Native Hawaiians Celebrate Arts on Maui

Clifford Naeole
Clifford Naeole
Keoni Awaeau Turalde
Keoni Awaeau Turalde

KAPULUA, Maui (KHNL) -- It's a weekend celebrating Hawaiian culture and music on Maui.

The Ritz-Carlton Kapalua is enriching and educating both residents and guests while a mix of arts will be displayed.

This year's theme is "Kamana Leo" translating to the power of the voice.

"The voice of the elders of the children and the voice of those who came before us, all these voices count in the every day strategy of where we are going to be tomorrow," said Event Chair Clifford Naeole.

And the inspiration came from the sound of a local musician.

"From the sound of Henry Kapono actually and it has grown to be more of an in depth cultural experience and expression," said Naeole.

The event gives the Hawaiian people a venue to find themselves through art and culture.

"This allows them to come here to share in a non-confrontational way their ideas to move our canoe ahead to the future."

While the tradition is of native islanders, this experience is open to all.

"It's also been a great venue for the tourists to come and learn Hawaiian heart and soul."

"Art is used as a common ground to bring people together and their we can listen to each other as well."

This artist, who is also a fisherman and paddler, along with being a carver, shares his unique creations - drum carvings.

"Using the coconut palm trees, that's the traditional wood that's been used for centuries," said Keoni Awaeau Turalde.

And over the years, Keoni has perfected his craft. Now he is turning his attention to sharing his knowledge with others.

"Come over here teach the kids, teach the students how to start from the process of making the drum," said Turalde.

These intricate carvings can take days to make. And many visitors are not always able to stay to see the end product.

But this master carver always tries to make an impact with his work.

"Do the best I can the fastest work I can do and the nicest work I can do."