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Easter Celebration at Next Step Homeless Shelter

Edgar Auld Edgar Auld
Douglas Sencio Douglas Sencio
Kapua Tani Kapua Tani

By Roger Mari

KAKAAKO (KHNL) -- It might be the last Easter Sunday supper for those living at the Next Step Homeless Shelter in Kakaako.

The lease with the Office of Hawaiian Affairs expires in June. If it's not extended, more than 200 people will be spending holidays like Easter and Christmas back on the streets.

There was food entertainment, and Easter baskets. There was also uncertainty for some families and individuals. This Easter is overshadowed with thoughts of what their next step will be if the shelter closes.

"It's kind of hard to celebrate knowing that the shelter is going to shut down soon. Besides me and my family, there are other families that pretty much don't know where they're going to go after this," said Edgar Auld.

"I'm a single guy, so it's easy for me to celebrate Easter than the family does," said Douglas Sencio.

Over the past two years, support groups like H-5 have been helping to provide people at the shelter with a place to call home and enjoy holidays.

"The families have no where else to go after this place shuts down so we're hoping that extend the lease or find a place real soon," said Kapua Tani of Hawaii Helping the Hungry Have Hope.

Edgar Auld who is married with children is grateful for all the effort the shelter has put in to make holidays special like today special.

"They try to help the kids enjoy Easter, Christmas, whatever holiday comes up, have them feel normal like normal kids outside. They make them feel like this is not a shelter. They make them feel like this is home," said Edgar Auld.

This Easter, parents at the Kakaako homeless shelter are trying to make the best of things

"If you're depressed your kids are going to be depressed and then nobody has a good time, you got to give them that moral support, that happiness, if you don't have that, you have nothing," said Edgar Auld.

Edgar Auld says he is unsure of what he and his family will do if the shelter closes. For Douglas Sencio, his plans are to move back to living on the leeward side beaches.

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