Hawaii's Top Gamers Face Off in Battle Royale

HONOLULU (KHNL) -- Master Chief. Sergeant MacTavish. Mario.

To most people, these names mean absolutely nothing. But to gamers, they are the main characters in the best games around. And Sunday, some local gamers battled to see who was Hawaii's best.

Big screen Tv's, X-box consoles all around, and lots of itchy thumbs and trigger fingers.

It's Battle Royale -- a one day tournament for gamers.

"In the mainland, it's really big," said Lilly Ho, of Circle Entertainment. "We're basically just trying to bring it down to Hawaii."

This is the group's second tournament in five months. This one features competitions in Halo-3, Call of Duty-4, and Super Smash Brothers Brawl.

"It's great," said Zack Barbeito. "You get to compete against other people at a competitive level."

Zack, Jessie, Spencer, and Tui make up i-drift, one of the better local teams. They've been playing together for about a year and made it to the final four in the Halo tournament. But their ultimate goal -- like every gamer -- get to the next level.

"I wanna get played to play," said Barbeito. "Make a name for myself, make a name for us, idrift."

Most gamers are guys, but girls can't get in on the action.

"There's lots of closet girl gamers out there," said Ho.

One who's already out of the closet -- Nadine Chandler, of the Regulators. She plays because dad plays, and this is her first tournament.

"It's a little nerve racking," said Chandler. "Cause you don't know if they're gonna say, 'oh my gosh you're a girl. i'm gonna try and kill her so that I didn't get killed by a girl, because guys don't like that."

Chandler and the Regulators didn't make it to the finals. But she'll be back for another tournament.

"I love it," she said. "I want them to have it every day. and i'll come here and i'll win next time."

"Circle Hawaii did a great job with putting this together, and hopefully there's more," said Barbeito.

Circle entertainment says it plans to have three or four tournaments a year. The next one will likely be sometime this fall.