Former Martial Arts Fighter Returns to the Ring

Egan Inoue
Egan Inoue

MANOA (KHNL) -- A former world champion in racquetball, Jiu Jitsu and mixed martial arts makes a surprise comeback to the MMA scene.

More than four years ago, Egan retired as one of the best mixed martial arts fighters to come out of Hawaii.

But he ended his career on a sour note.

Now, he's coming back to re-write that ending, and prove to himself he can still be one of the best -- no matter how old.

Egan Inoue hasn't let himself go in retirement.

He says he's early to bed, early to rise, doesn't smoke or drink, and trains every day.

"I just really feel good," he said.  "Feel like I'm 30 again.  So don't tell anyone I'm 42."

Even though he's almost twice as old as most fighters these days, Inoue is stepping back into the ring.

Losses to Masonori Suda and Jason "Mayhem" Miller just ate him away.

"I like to end, if I can, on a win. I just can't leave on a loss," he said.

Inoue signed with X-1 to be the main event for their "Legends" fight card in May.

His opponent hasn't been picked yet, but Inoue wants someone young, and who thinks he should stay retired.

"You over the hill. You 42. You too old, you can't do it. I'm 23, which is the probably the average age, and basically they're young and dumb. The cockier, the better."

And Egan does have one secret weapon that's fueling his comeback -- a magic supplement.

"Magic supplement? You gotta come to the studio to ask me. Not telling, you gotta come talk to me. And let me win my fight first, and then I'll tell you, but it's definitely made my recovery time really good. And if I tell you, I gotta kill you, so, I don't wanna do that. "

Egan says if things go well, he will continue to fight, with the ultimate goal of fighting in the ultimate fighting championship.

A number of popular local fighters, including Falaniko Veetale and Ray "Bruddah" Cooper, are also scheduled to fight on the "Legends" card.