New Volleyball Rules Not Well Received

Dave Shoji
Dave Shoji

MANOA (KHNL) -- For a second time in seven years, the NCAA volleyball rules are changing, and not all the changes are being well received.

In 2001, the scoring for collegiate volleyball changed from side out scoring to rally scoring.

This year, they're shortening the games from 30 points to 25 points among other things.

However, the change only happens in the women's matches, which is one reason Wahine coach Dave Shoji is adamantly opposing it.

In his 33-years at the helm, Shoji's seen a lot of change, but some this year, he's not too thrilled about.

"The 25-point game I'm very much against it," he said.  "It just takes opportunities away from our players, all the players in the country who train hard, and it just cheapens the game in my opinion."

Other rule changes include leniency on the double contact call, reducing the number of substitutions from 15 to 12, and calling "games," "sets" now. These rules Coach Shoji has no qualms with.

"I like the rule about the second contact, because it takes some of the decision out of the officials hands, and just allows the kids to play more and not stop the rallies."

However, bring up the 25-point "sets" again, and Coach Shoji gives it to you straight.

"Some of the intent is to shorten the matches and go home. Obviously the referees have some sort of influence, they want to get home earlier, but there are a lot of coaches who are really, really against this rule and we're still fighting it."

Shoji says they're looking to pursue the gender equity angle since the rule change is only being implemented for women.

"I think that's a good way to pursue it because you're taking away opportunities from the women that the men have, and just opportunities in general is where we have a good chance to reverse this."

But for now, the 25-point rule stands, to see the new rules in action, the Wahine play two more exhibition games Friday beginning at 5:30 at the Stan Sheriff Center.