Roads To Ruin

Once again we are up among the nation's leaders in a category that you just don't want to win- that would be bad roads. A recent report says that Honolulu drivers traverse the 2nd worst roads of any major U.S. city, and that we rank # 3 in vehicle maintenance due to the holes and bumps. No one will look at these figures and hope to soon be singing "we're # 1" I suspect.

Yes, the State and the City and County of Honolulu have seemingly done more of late to keep our roads navigable as this report is over a year old, but longer-term solutions have to be found. Like that "whack-a-mole" game, where you hit the plastic mole with the hammer, in many areas it seems that when one hole is filled, another one or two simply pop up. Maybe the time has come to scrap the current stuff being dumped in the holes and see what better materials are out there. Maybe we should look at the rainfall and flooding in certain areas as a reliable source of constant erosion, and then fix the curbs or drainage to re-direct this regular flow of moisture.

The City and County says that it fixed over 80,000 potholes in 2007- you have to wonder how many times they fixed the same ones or the same area over and over. Kapiolani, Nimitz Highway, Kamehameha Highway, the Pali Highway- we all have our road horror stories. Luckily, no one's car has been swallowed up... yet, just wheels, axles and alignment for the most part. This isn't your normal definition of road rage, but until long term solutions are found, it sure is the road to ruin for too many wary drivers. Think about it.