You can bet that we will hear more about the egg-throwing incident that resulted in a car accident and some major headlines last week. Bottom line- there is no excuse for vandalism, and it's simply too bad that some kids apparently get their jollies causing misery for others. Perhaps the upcoming consequences will be the life lessons or much needed wake up calls for these misdirected youths.

These childish and unnecessary incidents in Lanikai, alongside the rash of stupid, on-campus fights at numerous schools, point out that something needs to be done to ensure that these kids really get it, that their misdirected actions simply won't be tolerated. Ironically, suspension might not be the answer for some, because that might be what they secretly want all along- to not have to be in school.

Bullying, taunting, misbehaving and generally making an idiot of yourself is not new to this generation or this state, but how the adults respond- at home and in official circles- will go a long way toward hopefully minimizing or eliminating these types of occurrences. Swift and decisive action and punitive measures taken against involved individuals will hopefully encourage other youthful transgressors to back off, lighten up, and figure out other ways to deal with raging testosterone and macho mystique. Think about it...