Iwilei Residents Relieved Homeless People Are Gone

IWILEI (KHNL) -- A day after dozens of homeless people were removed from an area in Iwilei, residents say they are happy they're gone but are somewhat sympathetic.

Across the street from where the homeless were living is the Iwilei Business Center. Some employees here believe they could be back soon, other residents up the road believe they have other options.

Toni Chong had seen the area become a tent city over the past few months. She was surprised at how fast the homeless living on Iwilei Road were evicted, but believes it's only a temporary solution.

"I think they'll probably be back, I'm sure they're not going to be back anytime soon, because obviously they know people are watching this area," said Chong.  "I think it's a matter of time."

Other employees at the Iwilei Business Center are concerned because the area was a place where drugs were sold and used, fights broke out, and trash made the area ugly.

"No one wants that in their community that could just, who knows if something could be an incident where one of them could come up to the business and cause interference."

The Institute for Human Services helps those who are homeless. Its shelter is just feet from where the homeless were kicked out.

Santos Macias who lives at IHS believes those who were evicted will not return, but hopes they consider living at the IHS.

"There is help around here at the shelter down the street, they take care of people who really need homes," said Macias.

Some of the homeless have moved to other locations close by.

For now business owners and residents on Iwilei Road say they do feel safer and are hoping for a more permanent solution to this problem.