Orchids Bloom in Kunia

Joe Lung
Joe Lung
Call Man Au
Call Man Au

KUNIA (KHNL) -- The blooming of one of nature's most exquisite and colorful flowers, the orchid, signifies the start of Spring in Hawaii.

And to celebrate, the Kunia Orchid Society held the biggest orchid show this weekend.

From the ground up, orchids grace the floor of the Leileihua High School gymnasium. Orchid shoppers were drawn to the wide range of colors and shapes of each plant.

"This is for my wife," said Joe Lung. "She loves orchids."

From purple to yellow, it's hard to pick out the ones you'll take home.

The 54th Annual Kunia Orchid Show bloomed with shoppers rushing to grab a bunch of their favorite flowers.

This is the largest and most extravagant event that the Kunia Orchid Society has held.

"Boy I tell you, there's so many different -- every color you can think of in the world is right here, except for black," said Lung.

One orchid farmer was excited about the new types of orchids other farmers had grown.

"There's always a lot of new ones that every year that the farmers criss-cross and, you know, that we don't know what they're gonna come out with when they come out with a lot of new ones this year," said Call Man Au, Show Chairman. "

In addition to new flowers, orchid fanatics were also given tips on how to properly maintain the beautiful orchids. Others attended the show to simply admire the bright and unique arrangements.

"To me, these flowers are magical, they're so beautiful. God made and created this for us to enjoy," said Au. "These are one of the things He's given us."