International Day of Protest Hits Hawaii's Streets

Dean Roach
Dean Roach
Joel Fischer
Joel Fischer

HONOLULU (KHNL) -- It's been five years since the war in Iraq started. Today people around the world marched to make a point against the war, including here in Hawaii. Dozens protested on Waikiki streets to oppose the war and to plead for it to end.

It's all a part of International Day of Protest Against the War in Iraq. In March of 2003, the United States entered a war some thought was immoral and illegitimate.

They marched down Kuhio Drive and up Kalakaua Avenue. Their message was clear. The war in Iraq is wrong and they believe people of our nation are being deceived.

"The United States is pretending to be exporting democracy when it's actually exporting death and destruction and imperialism," said Protester Joel Fischer.

Some are just glad that the war isn't being fought in our nation's backyard.

"Nobody likes going to war, but sometimes is a whole lot easier to fight and enemy on a foreign field," said U.S. Army Veteran Dean Roach.

Some of today's protesters feel our state can set an example for those around the world who are also opposed to the war in Iraq.

"In Hawaii with our ethnic diversity we have people from every ethnic group participating as though we are all truly commrades in trying to end this war," said Joel Fischer.

Whether for or against the war in Iraq, one thing is certain. The most important thing about these marches is to show support for the troops who are fighting for our country.

"I think you're more supportive of troops if you are doing something like this going on a march trying to say we support you because we're trying to bring you home," said Protester Tracey Laituri.

"This is a war its tragic lets get it done and get home and I support our troops 100%," said Dean Roach.

Five years have past since the beginning of the war. It is the second longest war in U.S. history costing 400 million dollars a day.

The demonstration will continue Wednesday, where the organization called "The World Can't Wait" will lie down in front of the Army recruiting office on Kapiolani Boulevard, and also deliver a mock eviction notice.