Thieves Steal Art While Owner Sleeps

Marie Christine Anuloy
Marie Christine Anuloy

HONOLULU (KHNL) -- Thieves who broke into a Waikiki hotel room overnight left with a quarter of a million dollars worth of art - and didn't know it.

But this case has a happy ending for the victim, as all of the art has been recovered.

Yet the victims are still shocked it all happened in the first place.

The thieves made off with cameras, credit cards, jewelry, and something worth hundreds of thousands of dollars.

The thieves hopped the short wall on the lanai, crept up to the hotel room door.  Slid it wide open and entered the room.  They went through all their personal items and eventually they found the victim's purse right  on the side of the bed where they found her cash and credit cards, all while she was lie asleep just inches away.

The victim was dumbfounded.

"I said it was just unbelievable. And we both looked at each other and itas unbelievable it happened.   We were were in the room and somebody entered during our sleep and came very close to us to take all this stuff," victim Marie Christine Anuloy said.

Anuloy was shocked and terrified at the same time.

But her heart sank even further,  when she noticed  something else missing.

"We realized that the key of the car which were on the table of the room were gone, so I just jumped out and checked over there, and no more car," she said.

Locked in the trunk of her silver Chrysler Sebring convertible - more than a quarter million dollars of original textile artwork from Spain and France.